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For many properties in the UK which aren’t connected to a mains sewer, the most economical option is often the installation of a suitable septic tank. The provision of a new septic tank will allow you to use your property just as you would if it were connected to the mains, with no discernible difference in performance.

If you’re considering your waste management options, we can provide you with a septic tank cost in Solihull and throughout the West Midlands that is affordable, with a variety of solutions available for all budgets. As a leading waste management and sewage treatment firm, we can supply you with a septic tank installation in the West Midlands that will provide you with years of reliable service.

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What are cesspools?

Cesspools are sealed underground tanks where sewage is stored. The size of cesspool tanks varies as to the size of house and usage that it gets. But whatever the capacity they need emptying frequently. As the sewage is not treated, simply stored, you’ll need a licensed sewage contractor to provide maintenance and cesspool emptying safely. We fit appropriate cesspools for you and carry out the emptying of the tank. If you have a cesspool tank that needs emptying or are interested in having one fitted, contact us today.

When may you need a cesspool?

Cesspools are usually the last option to consider for sewage treatment. Sometimes, they are the only choice when needing a private sewage system away from the mains. Cesspools are needed when the ground conditions aren’t suitable for other options. Another reason to choose a cesspool is when the proximity of local water courses prevents the use of other private systems, such as septic tanks and soakaways.

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