Sewage Pumping Station Installation in Solihull

The installation of a sewage pumping station that pumps sewage to the nearest mains sewer is an attractive option for many properties in the UK. A cesspit or septic tank isn’t always viable or desirable, making an onsite pumping station the next best option.

We possess a vast amount of experience in both the design and installation of sewage pumping stations, providing us with the capability of installing a bespoke solution to any property you require. To discuss your options for a new sewage pumping station in the West Midlands, call us today to speak to a member of our team.

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Installation of a New Sewage Pump in Solihull

For some properties, it may be beneficial to be able to pump wastewater into a cesspit or soakaway that is located somewhere on site that isn’t in close proximity to where waste is being produced. In these instances, we recommend the installation of a sewage pump or pump well which can be designed to meet the requirements of your property.

After an initial site survey where we will capture the requirements of the property in question as well as any constraints present, we will specify a bespoke solution that is suitable both in terms of its size and its performance for the task required. Installing a new sewage pump in the West Midlands is straightforward and cost efficient, giving you greater control over the way you process sewage.

BSA Environmental: For the Maintenance of Your Sewage System in the West Midlands

With over 35 years of experience in all matters relating to effluent waste disposal and management, we are capable of providing you with a range of maintenance solutions which meet your individual requirements. We can also provide routine cesspit emptying in Solihull or elsewhere in the West Midlands if you have a cesspit installed on your property.

To learn more about the comprehensive range of services we can provide for your sewage system in Solihull, simply call us today to discuss your requirements. Whether sewage system repairs or ongoing maintenance, you’re in good hands with BSA Environmental.

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